Join us to make the lengthy ethernet cables a history! Order our branded top speed USB wireless LAN adapter that will make internet surfing & shopping a lot easier than before.

Read below top 5 reasons to buy our top 5 USB wireless LAN adapter!

#Top 5: Gigablue USB Wireless LAN Adapter

Top Reasons:
The gigablue adapter has Build-in WPS button to simplify the process of configuring security on wireless networks. Data speed of 300 MBPS also. It has WEP, TKIP, AES, WPA & WPA2 hardware encryption.

#Top 4: VU+ Wireless USB Adapter

Top Reasons:
With this 300 Mbps USB flash drive, you can connect all VU+ receivers without network cable to the Internet.
Also, data of your DLNA home network at all VU+ models can be accessed. So you can easily look at photos that are stored on your computer or on your TV!

#Top 3: Ferguson W02 USB Wifi Dongle

Top Reasons:
The ferguson Wi-Fi W02 dongle is a compact, ultra-fast network card, which is compatible with the N standard.
It guarantees better stability & faster data transmission up to 150 Mbits/sec

#Top 2: AB Cryptobox Wifi Dongle

Top Reasons:

  • Compatible with AB CryptoBox 650HD, 652HD, 600HD, 550HD, 500HD, 600HDmini, 450HD, 400HD, 400HDmini models
  • Wireless connection of your receiver to LAN or Internet
  • 150 Mbps speed
  • Antenna for improved reception of weak signal


#Top 1: Sumvision 1000 MBPS Power line Home plug Ethernet Adapters Twin pack

Top Reasons:

  • IPTV streaming
  • Range upto 300 meters
  • Transfer rate upto 1000 Mbps
  • Lower cost with easy installation
  • Plug and Play options


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