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The XR4000 Hardware

The XR4000 has a sleek modern design with a curved top housing cover in high gloss black colour and includes their famous hexagon print across the top with the official BuzzTV logo. 

What’s intriguing is the LED BuzzTV logo on the front side of the XR4000. The logo will change colour according to the device network status or external connectivity status.

  • Cyan light breathing – Network is not connected
  • Blue light breathing – Network is connected
  • Lantern breathing – Voice remote input/USB device access/TF card access
  • Red Light – Standby

The new remote control unit is built to high standards with perfectly aligned low profile buttons and dynamic contour lines, the remote control feels flawless.  The remote control has all the functions such as:

• Server (Switch Portals)
• TV Series
• Favs (One Button access for Live TV, VOD, TV Series Favourites!)
• PVR (access to recordings)
• Mouse Cursor
• Search (Search for channels, movies, series)

BuzzTV 4.0 Platform

BuzzTV aim is to give a personalised user experience and at the same time offer more features in the BuzzTV 4 platform like no other brand that’s current in the market.

They are the first and only brand that implemented on the home screen, Live TV, VOD, TV Series, EPG Guide and a fantastic new Live TV Preview Screen all in one, so you can be sure you’ll never miss your important live content.

In addition to the features above, they managed to integrate your favourite content such as your favourite Live TV channels, VOD and TV Series to your home screen.

The performance compared to their previous 3000 series and other android IPTV brands is much faster like the navigation, scrolling speeds and channel zapping. 

BuzzTV Utilities

A great new feature that allows you to manage your XR4000 configuration all in one place such as System Update, Backup & Restore, LED Configuration, Home Screen Settings, Power Options.

What’s in the Box

  • BuzzTV XR4000 Android 9 Media Player
  • Quick Start User Manual
  • Remote Control Unit
  • 2x AAA Batteries
  • HDMI Cable
  • Power Supply Unit with UK and EU attachment
  • Converter Cable - Female Jack to Male Jack